Life Changing & One Unique, Exceptional Therapist!

“After struggling with multiple issues over the last 18 months, I met with Julija. One of the best decisions I have ever made for my wellbeing, mental health and over all happiness. I had tried therapy before with other councillors, talked about issues but never understood why I felt the way I did, never really found a solution nor had a plan to change.

Right from my very first session, Julija quickly helped me understand my issues and prioritised them, all without judgement and with real engagement, care and consideration. As we dug into each topic, Julija used various tools to help me understand why I felt like I did. I had never tried hypnotherapy before ( one of many tools we used in my sessions) but it is brilliant and really powerful.

Julija’s listening skills, positive energy along with her passion to help me make long lasting changes to my life, with deep understanding off issues turned into real action plans – has been exceptional! On occasions I didn’t always get it and /or want to address stuff but with Julia huge experience, determination, and kindness I have made the changes and found more self-confidence.

I would recommend Julija to anyone, quite simply put she is a highly talented, experienced, life changing therapist who genuinely cares and was with me every step of the way, along my journey. I cant thank her enough.”