“When I first made contact with Julija for my session, she was very clear on what she does and how the process worked.   
Julija’s approach made me feel very welcome and at ease; this immediately made me feel calm.

Julija really stripped away all my layers of thoughts to get to the bottom of my situation in our first session, with a non judgemental, tough love sort of approach, which helped bring out a few emotions. I didn’t know what was tucked away and it really opened my eyes and helped me understand myself and the direction I wanted to go in moving forward. 

The session was long but after the hypnotherapy at the end I was feeling from a 2 to a 7 and knew the reasons why. I continued having 3 more sessions over a period of 3 month and by the end my mindset and overall well-being was amazing to see such a uplifting difference not only through the sessions but Julija was always checking up on me in between to offer support and  extra material to help me through my process. I felt so at ease and open talking and never felt closed off witch helped me a lot. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone who wants to try hypnotherapy and make changes it really was a great experience and Julija is highly recommend.” – Craig