“My name is Stephen and I needed some control and stability to build my life. My wife told me to go to see a Hypnotherapist, so I looked online and was drawn to Julija. I did not think that the Hypnotherapy approach would work but I made the appointment with Julija.

I was very nervous and was thinking all the time it was not going to work. Julija made me very calm; I had never felt like this before, as I don’t relax easily. Her approach is very individual. After my first session, I got in my car still thinking and feeling that it was not going to work… I felt the same.

But this is a big “But” it was a change for me, I did feel better the following day, I could not believe it. I felt relaxed and calm in myself and something just changed in me instantly. Hypnotherapy really did work for me, and I learned self hypnosis with Julija, which I now practice every day. She is very good!” – Stephen